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Jones Hardy is known for its comprehensive expertise in criminal law, deep understanding, and successful track record across various types of criminal cases.

From initial advice to courtroom advocacy, we provide skilled representation in Sydney, NSW, and throughout Australia. Our aim is to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome, no matter the complexity of the case.

Assault & Domestic Violence Crimes

Jones Hardy takes a robust approach to defending clients accused of assault and domestic violence. Our expert lawyers understand the nuances of these cases, which often involve complex personal circumstances and significant emotional distress. We ensure your side of the story is heard while aiming to protect your future and resolve matters with discretion and sensitivity.

Drug Crimes

Our solicitors are adept at handling all types of drug-related offences, from possession to large-commercial supply. We navigate the intricacies of drug law to provide a defence that not only addresses the charges but also the personal circumstances surrounding the case, aiming for outcomes that minimise the impact on your life and livelihood.

Sexual Assault and Commonwealth Crimes

Jones Hardy provides a defence for those accused of sexual assault and various Commonwealth crimes with a commitment to ensuring we uphold an individual's rights, no matter the allegation. These sensitive cases require a careful, measured approach to ensure that all legal avenues are explored and that the rights of the accused are vigorously defended.

Financial Crimes

We specialise in defending clients involved in financial crimes, including fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering. Our legal team combines their knowledge of finance and law to craft defences that address both the complexities of the accusations and the evidentiary requirements.

Murder and Manslaughter Crimes

Handling the most severe of charges, our lawyers bring experienced legal counsel to cases of murder and manslaughter. We focus on detailed evidence gathering and strategic representation to ensure a fair trial and the best possible defence.

Traffic Crimes

Jones Hardy assists clients with traffic offences, from minor infringements to serious charges that could result in significant penalties or loss of licence.

Other types of Criminal Law Cases Jones Hardy Law handles

What Your Lawyer Should Tell You

An effective legal defence hinges on clear and open communication. At Jones Hardy, we prioritise transparency and education throughout your legal journey. This section outlines the critical information that our lawyers will share with you to ensure that you are fully informed and prepared for the legal process. Additionally, we highlight essential details you should provide to your legal team. Understanding both sides of this communication ensures that your defence is as robust and strategic as possible, tailored to achieve the best outcome for your case.

The critical information that our lawyers will share with you

Case Overview:
Your lawyer will clarify the charges against you, the legal parameters, and what the prosecution needs to prove.

Legal Rights:
You'll learn about your fundamental rights, such as the right to remain silent and the presumption of innocence.

Possible Outcomes:
We discuss all potential outcomes, including dismissals, convictions, or plea bargains, and their implications.

You'll receive a clear outline of the legal process, expected timelines, and any necessary paperwork.

We tailor a defence strategy suited to your unique case, considering all applicable defences.

We provide a detailed estimate of legal costs, explaining our fee structure and any additional potential expenses.

essential details you should provide to your legal team.

Full Disclosure:
It's vital that you share all relevant facts about your case, even those that may seem damaging. Full transparency allows your lawyer to defend you effectively.

Your Goals:
Communicate what outcome you are hoping to achieve, whether it's clearing your name, receiving the least severe penalty possible, or seeking a quick resolution.

Previous Records:
Any prior criminal history or legal matters that might influence your case should be disclosed.

Witness Information:
Details about potential witnesses who could support your defence are crucial.

Documents and Evidence:
Provide any pertinent documents or evidence that could be relevant to your case, such as communications, photographs, or records.

Essential Tips:

Be Honest:
Always be truthful with your lawyer; lies can backfire and severely undermine your defence.

Keep Records: Maintain records of all interactions related to your case, including those with your lawyer.
Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications about legal jargon or advice given by your lawyer.

Building a Better Criminal Case

Navigating legal challenges can be overwhelming, which is why we at Jones Hardy Law have created the "You and Your Lawyer" preparation document. This guide is designed to help you understand what to expect from your lawyer and what they will expect from you, ensuring you gather all necessary documents and information before your meeting. It also includes practical advice on managing the emotions and stress that often accompany legal issues, helping you to stay focused and effective throughout your legal journey.

After familiarising yourself with the guide, the next step is to book a private legal session with Jones Hardy Law. During this session, we will tailor a legal strategy to your specific needs, building on the foundation set by the guide. This personalised approach ensures you are not just prepared but also confident and ready to tackle your legal challenges with our expert support. Download the guide and book your session today to take control of your legal journey with confidence and expertise.

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Ready to discuss your legal needs? Starting your journey with Jones Hardy is straightforward and designed to ensure we can best assist you towards a positive resolution. Follow these steps to begin:

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  • Receive Your Onboarding Pack: Once you book an appointment, we'll send you three important documents:
  • The Jones Hardy Philosophy and Approach to Resolution: Understand the core values and strategies that drive our success.
  • A Guide to Explaining Your Case to Your Lawyer: This guide will help you prepare the details of your case effectively.
  • Questions We Need Answers To and Questions You Might Want to Ask Us: These prompts will help build a solid foundation for our communication and ensure we cover all critical aspects of your case.

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