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Ensuring legal compliance and protecting your business interests require a profound understanding of corporate law. Jones Hardy excels at navigating the complexities of directorial duties and shareholder agreements, making us your ideal legal partner.

At Jones Hardy, we provide:

Expertise in Corporate Governance:

Our lawyers specialise in the intricacies of corporate law, focusing on directors' responsibilities and shareholder relations.

Tailored Corporate Solutions:

We design strategies that align with your business objectives and corporate structure, ensuring legal compliance and operational efficiency.

Proactive Legal Defense:

We proactively address potential disputes and compliance issues, minimising risks and safeguarding your business interests.

Comprehensive Support and Advisory:

Beyond legal representation, we offer ongoing advice to ensure that your governance practices continue to meet legal standards and promote corporate health.

Who Is This For?

Our services are tailored for company directors, corporate boards, and shareholders in NSW seeking to establish clear and enforceable governance frameworks. Whether you're drafting new agreements or revising existing ones, our expertise will guide you through the legal nuances.

Why It Matters:

Effective management of directorial duties and shareholder agreements is crucial for maintaining corporate trust, ensuring legal compliance, and avoiding costly disputes. With Jones Hardy, you gain access to sophisticated legal advice that protects your company and supports its growth.

What You Can Expect From Us as Your Attorneys:

  • Detailed Legal Assessments: Understand the scope of directorial duties and the implications of shareholder agreements specific to your corporate structure.
  • Strategic Risk Management: We help identify and mitigate legal risks before they become issues, ensuring your operations remain compliant and efficient.
  • Dynamic Representation: Should disputes arise, our team is prepared to defend your interests in court or through alternative dispute resolution methods.
  • Regular Updates and Insights: Stay informed with the latest legal developments affecting your corporate duties and rights as a shareholder.


What are the grounds for divorce in NSW?

In NSW, directors must act in the best interest of the company, exercise care and diligence, avoid conflicts of interest, not improperly use their position or information, and ensure financial compliance and responsibility.

How do shareholder agreements affect my rights as a shareholder?

Shareholder agreements define the rights and responsibilities of shareholders within the company, including voting rights, dividend policies, and procedures for buying or selling shares. They can provide additional protections beyond the statutory rights under corporate law.

What are the consequences of failing to comply with directorial duties?

Non-compliance can lead to civil penalties, disqualification from directorship, personal liability for company losses, and, in severe cases, criminal charges, depending on the nature of the breach.

How can I ensure my shareholder agreement is enforceable?

To ensure enforceability, the agreement must be well-drafted, clear in terms, signed by all parties, and in compliance with the law. Regular reviews and updates are also crucial as company circumstances and laws change.

What steps should I take if there is a dispute among shareholders?

Initially, refer to the dispute resolution mechanism outlined in your shareholder agreement. If unresolved, mediation or arbitration can be sought before considering litigation, as these avenues are often less confrontational and costly.

How often should our company review its corporate governance policies?

It's advisable to review corporate governance policies annually or when significant changes occur within the company or the legal environment to ensure ongoing compliance and alignment with best practices.

Can directors be held personally liable for corporate misconduct?

Yes, directors can be personally liable if they breach their legal duties, participate in fraudulent activities, or fail to act in the company's best interests, leading to personal financial risks.

What is the best way to handle a conflict of interest within a board?

The best approach is to disclose the conflict openly as soon as it arises, abstain from decision-making in matters related to the conflict, and possibly seek independent advice to ensure actions align with company interests and legal standards.

Next Steps:

  • Reach out to us: Start with a confidential consultation to discuss the specifics of your corporate governance needs.
  • Understand Your Legal Landscape: We will clarify your responsibilities and rights under current corporate law and how they impact your business operations.
  • Develop Custom Strategies: Together, we will create or revise your directors' duties and shareholder agreements to reflect best practices and legal requirements.
  • Stay Proactive and Informed: Benefit from our ongoing advisory services to keep your corporate governance up-to-date and compliant.

It's All About Trust.

At Jones Hardy, your legal journey is guided by experts dedicated to achieving the best outcomes. Our tailored legal strategies, combined with our commitment to your well-being, ensure that we are the right choice for handling your drug crime case.

Why trust Jones Hardy for your legal journey?
Here are four compelling reasons:

  • Personalised Legal Solutions: Tailored strategies designed to address your specific challenges and objectives.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from The Jones Hardy Legal Team’s extensive experience and innovative methodologies.
  • Strategic and Well Planned Solutions: Team Effort of Reasearch, Preparation and Legal Solutions for impactful outcomes.
  • Proven Success: A strong track record of results across all Family law, Criminal law and Civil law cases types.

Book a Confidential Legal Consultation:

Book a consultation and use our meeting to know us, our approach, solutions, communication style, and whether our way of serving clients makes you feel comfortable entrusting us with helping you with your case.


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Facing civil law challenges can be daunting, which is why we at Jones Hardy Law have created the "You and Your Lawyer" preparation document. This guide is designed to help you understand what to expect from your lawyer and what they will expect from you, ensuring you gather all necessary documents and information before your meeting. It also includes practical advice on managing the emotions and stress that often accompany legal issues, helping you to stay focused and effective throughout your legal journey.

After familiarising yourself with the guide, the next step is to book a private legal session with Jones Hardy Law. During this session, we will tailor a legal strategy to your specific needs, building on the foundation set by the guide. This personalised approach ensures you are not just prepared but also confident and ready to tackle your civil law challenges with our expert support. Download the guide and book your session today to take control of your legal journey with confidence and expertise.

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