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At Jones Hardy Law Firm, we stand at the intersection of unwavering legal expertise and genuine care for our clients' well-being. Our firm specializes in the nuanced realms of criminal and family law, championing the cause of justice and favorable outcomes for our clients. We understand that behind every case is a human story, and it's our mission to navigate these stories through the legal landscape with both empathy and precision. Whether you're confronting the challenges of criminal charges or the intricacies of family law matters, Jones Hardy is committed to being your steadfast advocate and guide.

Our Principals

Adam Jones

Adam Jones epitomizes the essence of our family law practice with his deep-seated commitment to advocacy and fairness. Transitioning from a foundational career in criminal law to a passionate focus on family law, Adam brings a unique perspective to his practice. He is renowned for his ability to integrate meticulous legal strategy with a profound understanding of the emotional dimensions of family disputes. Adam’s leadership in establishing Dad’s Family Law highlights his dedication to accessible and equitable legal support, ensuring that every individual has a voice in the legal process.

Nicholas Hardy-Clements

Nicholas Hardy-Clements is a cornerstone of our firm, offering a comprehensive legal acumen that spans criminal, civil, and family law. His journey through the legal profession has been marked by significant advocacy roles, demonstrating his capability to handle complex legal issues with both skill and resilience. Nicholas's analytical approach and commitment to justice make him a formidable ally for our clients, ensuring that every case is navigated with the utmost integrity and strategic foresight.

Our Philosophy

Jones Hardy Law Firm is built upon the foundational belief that the law serves as a vital conduit for positive change and justice. Our philosophy is anchored in the principles of integrity, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We are dedicated to transcending traditional legal services by integrating forward-thinking strategies with a compassionate understanding of our clients' needs. The core of our practice is a commitment to not only achieving legal success but also ensuring that every client feels valued, supported, and empowered throughout their legal journey.

Criminal Law Expertise

The specter of criminal charges brings with it significant anxiety and uncertainty. At Jones Hardy, we specialise in crafting defense strategies that are as nuanced as the laws they navigate. Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of criminal law, from first-time offenses to the complexities of white-collar crime, strictly indictable matters and repeat offenses across the Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court of NSW. Our approach is proactive, personalized, and predicated on a deep understanding of both the stakes at hand and the intricacies of criminal law. We are dedicated to upholding your rights and securing the most favorable outcomes possible, ensuring justice and fairness throughout the legal process.

Criminal Law FAQs

What steps should I take if arrested?

Remain composed and exercise your right to silence. Contact Jones Hardy promptly for expert legal counsel and representation.

Can I be searched without a warrant?

Specific conditions allow for this; we can provide guidance and defend your rights.

What rights do I have during a police interview?

The right to silence and legal representation are paramount. Ensure a Jones Hardy lawyer is by your side.

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Family Law Advocacy

Family law matters touch on the most personal aspects of our lives, making each case uniquely significant. Jones Hardy melds legal excellence with empathetic counsel to navigate the complexities of divorce, custody, and property division. We are committed to securing outcomes that protect your interests and promote healing. Our focus is on equitable solutions that respect the emotional and legal needs of all involved, ensuring a path toward positive future growth.

Family Law FAQs

How is child custody evaluated?

A child's best interest, encompassing emotional and physical welfare, guides custody decisions.

Is court the only way to resolve a divorce?

Alternative resolutions like mediation offer collaborative and less contentious paths.

What determines property division?

Equitable considerations include contributions, needs, and the marriage's duration.

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